by Keri Horon

Raindrops plopped on pavement
The sky was dappled gray
Through the speckled window
I gazed upon my day.

Retreat inside or venture out
Two things from which to choose
A hooded coat upon my back
What did I have to lose?

With shoes upon my feet
And a song within my heart
I opened up the wooden door
Hoping clouds would part.

I saw a squirrel seeking nuts
He once had stored away
Springtime buds were bursting open
April on display.


The ornamental pear
With flowers purely white
Exuded fragrance oh so sweet
Forgetting winter’s plight.

Moisture kissed the tulips
Pansies showed their pride
Daffodils were standing tall
This beauty, God supplied.

Chimes dangling in a dogwood tree
Angelic tones were heard
The breeze picked up, the clouds dispersed
And something great occurred.

To the east a bow appeared
Stretching from a cloud
Watercolor arcs of hope
I almost gasped aloud. 


I strolled along, my eyes were glued
To all the vibrant hues
Then to my left some rocks lay strewn
Like expectant pews.

I sat upon a boulder
Covered in green moss
I paused for quite a while there
Lost within my thoughts.

The sun peeked out, the clouds slid by,
The breeze it chilled my face
I could not help but somehow feel
God led me to this place.


Quietly I sat in peace
Breathing in sweet air
The song that played inside my heart
Seemed like a precious prayer.

The words had touched a part of me
Buried way down deep
First time I heard those lyrics
My eyes began to weep.

The singers sang a mighty verse
My soul drank up each line
You have a purpose…I have a plan
There is a grand design.

Like cloudy days in winter time
The truth was fogged to me
And though I once believed His words
It got too hard to see.

Todd Trapani @ Pexels

Faith can go through winter
And hibernate for years
Life can often wear you down
Accelerating fears.

When life throws things into your lap
Matters deemed unfair
Or gives you undue sadness
It’s just too much to bear.

Like bare trees in the winter
You feel stripped of life
Spring takes too long in coming
So you resent the strife.

Come on! Please, God! Enough’s enough!
You plead for troubles’ end
Just cancel all the bad stuff, Lord,
Aren’t you my friend??

When hardship takes too long (it seems)
To vanish in the night
When hope begins to crack and fade
And we can’t find the light,

Sometimes we turn to God with blame
We think He’s just not there
The truth is we can’t comprehend
The vast depth of His care.

Where I go you will go too
Someday, the singer said
He bids us tell the world of Him
His hope it must be spread.

The gloominess I once had carried
The anger in my bones
Had dissipated, flown away,
When I knew I wasn’t alone.

Through music, rainbows, trusted friends,
Grace, determination…
An ailing faith can bloom like spring
A faith resuscitation.

Faith is knowing spring will come
When winter’s hard to bare
For Jesus never leaves us
His spirit is everywhere.


This poem is dedicated to Robert, Emily, Olivia, and Sister Mary Rogers.
The video features footage from The Chosen; watch full episodes HERE.
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