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Welcome to KeriMeHome.com. I created this blog as a place to go that could feed the soul somehow.  We all look for insight and inspiration; both are out there in various forms and come to us in subtle and sometimes surprising ways. We need connection, whether it’s face to face or via computer. Our struggles in life should not be handled alone (and yet so many of us do feel alone), and likewise, our joys should be shared. Connection helps ease struggle and expand joy. This blog will offer camaraderie and support to anyone grappling with stress of all sorts, with an emphasis on special needs parenting. I hope to share (and gain) Knowledge as I focus on Eloquent writings that keep it Real and Inspire readers to remain in pursuit of what’s positive.

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As you’ll see from the first blog, I’m a worrier. One thing I work very hard at is worrying less and keeping anxiety at bay. Like Peter Pan’s shadow, anxiety often takes on a life of its own and follows me around. The more open I became about this aspect of who I am, the more I realized just how many people face something similar. As a high school English teacher, I found that tapping into this common denominator with my students led to deeper conversations and connections. Since I’ve generally been a “meet something head on” girl, I’ve been working on applying that attitude to anxiety. It’s not easy.

As an autism mom (a label not to be overused) the anxiety has amplified. In fact, at times I’ve found myself feeling defeated by double blows:  Anxiety and Autism! It’s said that panic comes from trying to be strong for far too long…I don’t know if that’s scientifically true but it sure fits. One of the hundreds of books I’ve read about autism, Mother Warriors, by Jenny McCarthy, gave me an idea one day. You can go from being a worrier to a warrior just by changing a couple of letters. Maybe it’s not difficult after all.

(For more about the native New Yorker I am, the Midwesterner I grew up to be, and the California mom I’ve become, read the blog entitled “Queens to Cali.”