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Sense & Sensibilitea


Ordinarily, tea bags are pretty…well, ordinary. Neatly arranged in colorful, perky, perfect-sized boxes or stacked like Pringles® in pretty metal tins, tea bags generally stay perched on a shelf till needed. Whatever their packaging, dressed-up [...]

Sense & Sensibilitea2023-09-26T14:24:48-07:00

d r i f t


by Keri Horon   Cumulus clouds, circling birds Worn-out wood, whispered words Silvery spheres that we puff Sticks, seaweed, and other stuff d r i f t Photo Credit - Pixabay Dust in [...]

d r i f t2022-09-07T09:40:29-07:00



This fictional short story is in recognition of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) and Autism Awareness Month (April). May the ones who misunderstand gain a bit of insight; may the ones who love those [...]

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