by Keri Horon

Heavy yet holding
On thin spindly branches
A dewdrop born
Of bulky sopping air

Brilliant bead of light
Clear, reflective,
Capturing, crystallizing
in miniature
The topsy-turvy world

Surrendering –
To weight
And weariness
Or a woeful gray &
wintry sky –
It does not want nor wish for
Such succumbing

Willing itself
To cling, longer,
Watching wee specks
Of water on strands of web,
Filament to fasten
Manifold orbs,
Effervescent in the gloomy mist 

They resist disconnection

Can I
It wonders

Bejeweling each bough
Twinkling diamonds dot twigs
Living in a moment
For a moment only

Lonely droplet, though seemingly solitary,
Is not forsaken

An eventual fall,
Sunshine provoked
Nature’s nudging,
Is not its failing

Though fragile – not frail
Though fleeting, not feeble
Perfectly imperfect
In ephemeral nature
It cannot control the cycle

A whisper through stillness

…Trust Me…

…Be brave…

…Do not cling…

Secured by hope
It leaps
Not farther from fortification
But closer to
The root of all life



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