One stands solitary
Stick straight and stalwart
A sturdy presence under sun
Under stars
Through sleet
Thick heat
A steadfast sentinel

One weeps, never waivers
Always watching
What’s valued…then, now, tomorrow…
Providing warmth
Relieving sorrow
With a wistful sway
A valiant ward


One rises from strong roots
Grounded in grave purpose
Restoring the weary
Granting gentle guidance
Through gracious allowance
Of grief
A gallant patrol 

One eternally evergreen
Embracive of lovely visitors
Inadvertently eavesdrops
Keeping vigil over
Sentimental souvenirs
Evoking memories
A devoted observer


One beckons and becalms
Lending succor like an olive branch
In the darkest of days
Bestowing blossoms
To ease blackness and burden
When absence cuts the bosom
A curative beacon

One carries trinkets
Chimes, shells, Christmas festoons
Canopies of consolation
Cloaking the sacred quietude
Their meaning obscure
Except to the cherished
A caring keeper 


All shield and shade
Unselfishly guarding our perished
Washing their souls & ours
With compassion clutched in each branch
We borrow their composure
When ours shakes
From shattering loss

Aphonic friends, fortunate monuments
Edify by example the circle of life
From bareness to bud; green leaf to gold
Falling to earth when finished
Trees in firmness fixed
Implore our faces to focus upwards –
For there’s where heaven’s found.

~Keri Horon


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