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When autism moves in

A difficult, near-deadly birth opened the door to the fragility of life. As fragile as the birth was, the months following my son’s entrance into the world were shaken by an earthquake, unsettled by a surgery, and rocked by a diagnosis. It seemed that at one fell swoop, the vision I held for the future collapsed. The road I thought we were on as a family took a sharp and unexpected turn. The journey ahead required great patience, maximum resolve, and guts.

Finding myself in dark times when everything should have been happy and light with a brand new baby in the house was more than difficult. I was weighed down by worry and fear. Could I carry the pain, the responsibility? Could I still create the family and the home I wanted?

KeriMeHome is a blog about how life can be a mucked-up mess and a pain in the ass sometimes. It’s also a blog to remember that life can be an exhilarating escapade, an enthralling adventure, and a most jubilant journey.

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Stories unfold in our everyday lives. Stories bring significance to our lives and meaning arises when we reflect upon little bits of magic found in the moments.


 Road Trips

It is said that home is where the heart is. Sometimes our hearts carry us away from the physical dwelling in which we live and take us to places that open our eyes to new possibilities.


 The Rest

Open the door to poetry, photography, inspirational quotes, drawings, and all “the rest.”



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2808, 2020

Sunflowers and Sunbeams

August 28th, 2020|Categories: Reflections|Tags: , , , , , , , |3 Comments

As I gazed at my son watching the beloved bees on the salvia in our yard, I wondered if what happened earlier played in his mind. There is no way for me to know. As the afternoon sun slanted, I studied him, and thought about what he might be thinking about. Waves of sadness lapped the edges of my heart.  If only, like it’s said, I could get inside his brain for five minutes. I’d love to understand what he [...]

2803, 2020

Oh, Sweet Child of Mine

March 28th, 2020|Categories: Road Trips|Tags: , , , , , |9 Comments

There’s a place off Highway 50, about 45 miles east of Sacramento and 60 miles west of South Lake Tahoe, that is pure gold. Well, pure gold figuratively, but also literally, in the past. Placerville is a Gold Rush era town that was a central hub for the Mother Lode region’s gold mining operations. As a hub, it had banks, markets, hotels, a general store, and a hardware store. And a hanging tree. […]

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