(This was written in 2016 at the height of the five year California drought)

Twas the first of September
and all through the sky,
the clouds, they were swirling,
and the land, it was dry.
The leaves in the trees
were dried to a crisp,
and everyone gasped
if they saw a smoke wisp.
The grass lay in yards
as dry as a bone.
Fields and farms had become
fire zones.No sprinkle no shower
no deluge no drizzle –
a storm cloud would form –
and then suddenly fizzle.
With lack of the rain
and steamy sunshine,
the animals thirst
and grapes die on the vine.
Flowers they wilt,
fruit trees they shrivel.
Oh how we pray
for even a dribble
of drought-ending water,
coming in buckets.
We need a strong storm
with all of its ruckus!
We’ve baked long enough!
Hydration is rare.
The fires have given us
all quite a scare.
From the pea to the rose
to the pine to the oak –
the roots need a drenching,
a long drink, a good soak.
This waterless sky
and the parched land below
cannot take much more…
we’ve a long way to go.
We want the droughts done
and our lakes new-revived.
It’s amazing – is it not –
so many species survived.
So clouds:  do your thing!
Do not dissipate!
California needs rain;
The land cannot wait.
Come come El Niño!
Pineapple Express!
Bend southward jet stream!
Mother Nature!  Do your BEST!
Autumn is here and
summer is passed.
We beckon the rain,
and we hope that it lasts!

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