Trading Tranquility

Loud doesn’t always mean right.
Quiet does not make one meek.
Fury should not impart strength.
Staying calm does not make us weak.

Rudeness should not convey power.
Respect should not mean too nice.
Forcing one’s will upon others
Is just a bully’s device.

Booming and blasting your insults,
Claiming pride for being a savage,
Talking down to the people around you
Invariably causes great damage.

We’ve traded tranquility, sense, and respect;
Thinking crudeness a virtuous trait.
When we let the loud voices steer us off course
Love is squelched, and in its place – hate.

Being loud, being crass…of that some are proud?
Will the boorish and bovine succeed?
Can’t we look to the gracious, the giving, and just,
And hope such folks rise to the lead?

If we hit the mute button, our thoughts come to light.
When we value the quiet, it’s clear:
True smarts and deep strength don’t go boasting about!
There’s no flaunt, there’s no flourish, nor sneer.

When intellect’s valued far more than bravado,
When bullies do not get their way,
Respect can return; it’s humility we earn,
Our hearts tuned to the truth. One can pray.

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