When your world is a spinning pinwheel
A moment of peace you just cannot steal
The madness around you is totally real
There’s tears in your eyes you cannot conceal

You ask yourself what is the deal
Life as you knew it went off keel
The media rotates the fear Ferris wheel
You try to scream but it’s only a squeal

Your nerves are no longer fashioned of steel
Patience stripped raw like an onion that’s peeled
‘Gainst the news and this virus you need a strong shield
Half your face is veiled up; nose, cheeks, lips, they are sealed

The “new normal” you think has zero appeal
Loneliness, sadness, and anger you feel
Oh to see family and share a big meal
A vacation right now would be so ideal

Getting out and about would help you to heal
You’re feeling like someone robbed you of zeal
Your sanity’s dangling like a crooked mobile
At the misery waterfall, knees buckle, you kneel;


and you pray
and you pray
and you pray

 A breeze comes along and takes with it stress
For a moment the weight is off of your chest
The madness around you is substantially less
The tears in your eyes have all coalesced

You stop and you breathe, take a break, reassess
Life is sure good at giving you tests
Hit the pause button and retreat to your nest
The life that you want you can manifest

The dreams that you have you needn’t arrest
Patience and strength…send God your request
Don’t let the news leave you depressed
Keep your eyes on the prize, get plenty of rest

Tell the new normal he’s a gigantic pest
Let gratitude cover you like a warm winter vest
Seeing family becomes your significant quest
Your love for them all should be loudly professed

Sometime soon you’ll get back all your zest
When will that day come? No one can guess
Meantime you must get up and get dressed
Life’s still freaking awesome and you’re truly blessed!


Keri Horon

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