(A poem for Mother’s Day)

Flutters of life which flit in the womb

The buying of onesies & preparing the room

Dreams of the moment the infant is born

Announcements & photos you’ll surely adorn

The belly grows round with each passing week

Clothing that fit was the thing we did seek

Eating yogurt and crackers and things of weird taste

Putting our feet up as back & feet ached

The moment arrives with a leak and a gasp

Our partner’s strong hands we hurriedly clasp

Whether minutes or hours the baby’s arrival

Comes easy, or hard – some fight for survival

From the womb to the world new life is brought forth

Your baby’s appearance brings merriment and mirth

We snuggle and cuddle and burp and protect

Giving life to another – think on that, just reflect

Have you thought for a moment on what this all means

It’s more than just passing along all your genes

Out of love was created a new human being

Their life’s in your hands at least for time being

mother and child


They’ll grow up so fast, in the blink of an eye

From your nest when they’re grown they will typically fly

And the mother may mourn but her love it will strengthen

Her heartstrings will tug and will twirl and will lengthen

The child who grew and became independent

In their mother’s eyes will remain quite resplendent

Nothing can sap nor disable or weaken

That love which they feel carries on like a beacon

The child, though grown, sets her heart to that light

She knows it is there every day, every night

It’s one thing in life you can count on for sure

For a mother’s rich love is everlastingly pure.

Art Credit: Daniel B. Holeman


By Keri Horon