(Stepping outside of autism for a moment with a poem about Heaven…)


I don’t know what Heaven is

or what it looks like

or where it exists

but I know it does


It does not

have visiting hours

or mail rooms

or or even phones made of tin cans and cord


There is no elevator

nor escalator

nor stairway to Heaven

stairway clouds



We are not allowed a peek

or a scent

or a foot in the door

to see if we’d like it

or if our loved ones

are okay



is how I’d want them all to be

but better –

Basking in the warmth of the immense light

and immeasurable love

and perfect perpetual peace

that is unattainable on Earth


On Earth we see –

if lucky –

a rainbow casting its true colors

across a cloudy sky

after a storm


Maybe the storm is the portal to Heaven


Where there ought to be 10,000 rainbows

strewn across Heaven’s ceiling

and encircling all the precious souls

who reside for eternity



Where glimmering shimmering light

like we cannot know on Earth

gives new life to the body-less souls

that have –

when in body –


and wondered

what it was all for


For there better be –

and I want to have faith –

a place like this where souls gather and


for other loved souls to arrive

so they can look upon them and say

See? It IS here –

I told you all would be well


It is well

and the pain is gone and the soul is new





Under over and around

Fantastic breathtaking

ribbons of the purest colors

that on earth were beautiful arcs

but in Heaven are


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