‘Tween the glass and the screen,
a place does exist
where an innocent fly
can get trapped and dismissed.

The fly in a snap
somehow lands in that spot
through no fault of its own
but there it got caught.

It may buzz, it may flutter,
it may spin in a ring.
What chance does it have?
To life it must cling.

By itself in this gap,
the creature may shriek,
but no one can hear it;
its chances look bleak.

If the screen had a hole
or the window was lifted,
its life would improve –
its luck could be shifted.

For days and for nights,
the tiny-winged bug
scampered ’round hoping someone
would do more than shrug.

But even if someone
would notice the fly,
would they care? Do they dare?
Or just walk on by?

green fly


Society says
oh it’s just a pest!
If the fly knew that thought,
it’d surely protest.

Trapped in that gap
it grows weak and quite frail.
While in that space
its life is derailed.

When one is caged
there’s evil and danger.
It should not be this way!
A certain game-changer.

black widow spider


A black widow appears,
views the fly as its prey.
So it sits and it waits…
the fly can’t run away.

A frog in a bush
hopes for something to conquer.
It wants something to do
like feeding its hunger.

black cat


Then a cat comes along.
Can it pounce and then capture?
Its eyes focus in,
but the glass it can’t fracture.

Malevolent forces
encircle the fragile.
The helpless, they need
a strong hand in their battle.

The fly cannot speak.
It cannot express needs.
It’s distressed and it’s scared.
How can it succeed?

On the horizon
a gale does appear.
Its force truly mighty,
its purpose sincere.

The fly turns its eyes –
a magnificent sight!
A raging blue tempest
piercing darkness with light.

water droplets


Rain pounds the glass,
Skies send a crackle.
Mother (Nature’s) intent –
the trapped one: unshackle.

She plows in with might,
force, purpose, and will.
Giving the fly a good chance
to depart from the sill.

With fingers of wind
and a mighty storm roar,
glass shatters in pieces
all over the floor.

No longer forsaken,
fly looks beyond glass.
Is it safer to stay?
Or better to pass

into the storm
where the future’s unknown.
She beckons him forth
to a new safety zone.

When one’s trapped for a while,
in need of escape,
there can be trepidation
till new life takes shape.

With a step towards the breeze,
in the blink of an eye,
he leaps into the storm;
wings raise him quite high.



Calm air may be fine –
but nature proves this:
kites only rise high
in the face of the wind.

Though the storm was sure forceful,
it was part of her mission;
to help him live life,
without any condition.

A rescue can come
when it’s needed the most.
Nothing, and no one,
has to be lost.

All creatures in nature
deserve to be free…
to have half a chance
to live mightily.

A hero may come
when it looks like defeat,
and glorious Mother –
her courage replete!

With resilience and prowess
that will not abate,
never doubt that one spirit
can change someone’s fate!

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