{Note to reader: this is a response poem to Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay}

If nothing gold can stay,
Then joy must slip away. 

The tides do castles sink.
Fall robs the rose of pink.

A Christmas tree goes dry.
A rainbow fades to sky.

Too fast a baby grows.
Too quick the summer goes.

Credit: Egor Kamelev on Pexels

Since gold is fairly fleeting,
That sets our souls to pleading.

Gold disappears so quick;
Life plays a dirty trick!

We want what we once had,
When life was not so bad.

If goodness fast recedes,
Then sadness takes the lead.

So how does one uphold,
When loss can’t be controlled?

Cling tight to every treasure?
Is power in possessor?

Such force, when it’s applied,
Does not more gold provide.

If  “dawn goes down to day,”
Then we must find a way

To keep dawn in our heart;
To relish every part…

Not sink into despair,
Where sadness can ensnare.

Dawn has some gold, it’s true,
But day has beauty, too!

For when gold leaves, we cannot stop it,
From its presence, though, we profit.

It sparks in us a wish for more.
We need to find what we adore!

Most everything contains some gold.
Just let your viewpoint be paroled.

Seek light, and if you find it not,
Create it, right there on the spot!

The joy in life is all around,
The golden bits – they do abound.

So know that if they once were there,
But disappeared in frosty air,

Just wait, or seek; the tide will turn,
And, like the dawn, make sweet return.

Credit: Pixabay on Pexels