From inside the belly

a butterfly flitted

and wings were developed

as bump soon emitted


The feeling of joy

as belly it grew

full, round, and right

I will take care of you


All had gone well

till one day it turned

Emergency care

Gestation adjourned


“We’ve run all the tests.

We don’t know what’s wrong.

Call people who care…

they may not have too long.”


Slice went the knife

‘cross soft supple skin

the babe all distressed

from the chaos within


Low platelets they said

HELLP affects oh so few

the coast isn’t clear…

I will take care of you


Weeks wore on

while weariness waned

the butterfly’s wings

were awfully strained


“Can he do that?

Will he do this?

Hang in there, Mom.”

There’s something amiss


Milestones missed

Words not a’coming

The butterfly’s stuck

It was not becoming


Not spreading its wings

not learning to fly

every day every night

it would cry cry and cry


With willpower, wit, and

a dose of some grit,

we coddled those wings

and helped them to lift


The years they progressed

so did little boy blue

But troubles, they deepened

I will take care of you


Along came some seizures

and migraines to boot

Help this boy to be healthy

twas our only pursuit


Travel here travel there

in search of some hope

But healing, it seemed,

was a slippery slope


There were remedies tried

and therapies too

Vitamins, medicines,

spend a thousand or two


Any thing for this boy

with his sapphire eyes

We must try everything

and not compromise


Some said just give up

live your life do what matters

They don’t understand

Without him it all shatters


That quiver inside

that became my boy dear

He matters the most

and that’s crystal clear


His thoughts though they’re there

autism locks them up tight

through frustration and fury

we’ll fight the good fight


For words he can’t say –

for when cruel ones dismiss –

I will stand by his side

keep him from the abyss


Though the wing may be rent

the spirit is true

A strong light lies within

I will take care of you


In my world he flies high

and his love makes me soar

I’ll keep trying to help him

now, forevermore


Heartaches they still come

& woes multiply


that is my battle cry


On that bed years ago

we almost passed on

but God had a plan

and we did carry on


My butterfly’s bright

He’s bold, brave, and sweet

I’d give him the world

in one brazen heartbeat


When at night I tuck in

see his eyes brilliant blue

the heart speaks its words

I truly love you

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