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Hi Hibiscus!


A botanical backyard beauty inspired me to paint.  The real one: The way it bursts into life despite rain, wind, heat, bugs, and an occasional lack of water (ooops) […]

Hi Hibiscus! 2017-09-03T12:23:00+00:00

The First One


The first one. The first blog post on my new website, kerimehome.com.  It has to be perfect. It has to impress. Has to be a home run. As a dozen topics swirled in my head, [...]

The First One 2017-09-02T04:06:48+00:00

The Tricycle


The fog was pillowy and the air chilly when I dropped my son off at school.  His Adaptive P.E. teacher must have seen my car pull up to the red curb and was heading toward [...]

The Tricycle 2017-09-02T04:22:00+00:00

Finding Aida


This would be a great neighborhood for bike riding, I speculated as the clonking windshield wipers ticked like a metronome on the glass.  The car, at a 12 mile per hour crawl, took us around [...]

Finding Aida 2017-09-02T04:38:55+00:00